Mayor Shing-Fu Hsueh, Linda Geevers and Heidi Kleinman — the Community Vision Team that swept last month’s municipal election in historic fashion — spent more than double the money of their opponents##M:[more]## and raised more than three times the amount, according to finance reports filed with the state.

Hsueh and Community Vision had disbursements totaling $38,"599, while their opponents — the Openness, Integrity, Action slate reported disbursements of only $14,"772, according to reports filed with the state Election Law Enforcement Commission at the end of May.

Under state law, candidates are required to submit election reports outlining receipts and disbursements 29 days before an election, 11 days prior, and 20 days after the election. The 20 day post election report was due on May 31. A candidate is also required to submit quarterly reports on continuing campaign funds. As of June 8, the ELEC web site did not show a 20-day post filing by Siegel.

Hsueh filed reports on his own campaign fund, and also with Geevers and Kleinman in reports under the joint committee Community Vision Team fund. Their opponents, mayoral candidate Alison Miller and council candidates George Borek and David Siegel, each submitted separate reports.

Contributions to Hsueh, Geevers, and Kleinman totaled $70,"096, most of the funds coming from donations of $300 or less. Funds raised by Miller, Borek, and Siegel totaled $17,"852.

Hsueh’s financials, by far, showed the most activity. Reports show that since his election in 2001 the mayor raised $27,"910 and transferred $21,"814 from his previous campaign fund. All of the donations raised since the 2001 election were from contributions of $300 or less. State law requires that candidates or committees identify the donor of any contribution in excess of $300.

Expenditures reported by Hsueh, as of a report filed 20 days following the election totaled $18,"227 — including $2,"000 to the Community Vision Team fund.

Other disbursements by the Hsueh campaign between January 15, 2005 and the 20-day post report were:

$185 to the Princeton Junction post office for stamps; $20 to the Greater Mercer County Chamber of Commerce; $75 to CASA of Mercer County in Ewing; $25 to the Friends of West Windsor Open Space (FOWWOS); $20 to HomeFront of Lawrenceville; $250 to the Mercer County Democratic Committee; and a $100 reimbursement to Fu-Grand Lin of West Windsor for election registration expenses.

Some $15,"552 in expenditures were detailed in quarterly reports submitted to ELEC by Hsueh between October 2001 and January 2005.

Disbursements during that period included: $120 to the Trenton Times for advertising, $5,"370 to Mastoris restaurant in Bordentown for a fund raising party; $3,"380 to World Buffet of Mercerville for a fund raising party; $500 to James Hao of Pennsauken as reimbursement for fundraiser expenses; $190 to Fu Grand Lin of West Windsor as reimbursement for fundraiser expenses; $64 to Raritan Valley Florist of Edison for fundraiser flowers; and $44 to Party City of Mercerville for cards associated with a fundraiser.

Also, $97 to Y. Lai for post-campaign meeting refreshments; $689 to Shu-Yin Hsueh for inauguration and other party expenses; $300 to the West Windsor Green Team, his slate in the 2001 election; $102 to Mailboxes, Etc. for stamps; $1,"400 to Congressman Rush Holt’s election fund; $259 to the Princeton Junction post office for stamps; $100 to the election fund of West Windsor Councilman Franc Gambatese; and $75 to Frank Wojieckowski of North Brunswick for photo expenses.

Donations to non-profit organizations from his campaign fund included: $118 to Beth El Synagogue of East Windsor; a contribution of $100 to the March of Dimes of White Plains, NY; a contribution of $250 to AAPC of Springfield; $100 to the WW-P High School South Post Prom Committee; $595 to Leadership New Jersey, of New Brunswick; $300 to Womanspace of Trenton; $50 to The Organization of Chinese Americans (OCA) New Jersey Chapter in Rivervale; and $80 to the OCA New Jersey Chapter in Randolph.

Also, $250 to the Drumthwacket Foundation of Princeton; $350 to the Stony Brook Millstone Watershed Association of Pennington; $35 to New Jersey Futures of Trenton; $200 to the Mercer County College Foundation of Trenton; $25 to FOWWOS; $20 to the Regional Planning Partnership of Mapleton Road; $75 to the Oversea Hong Kong Association of Franklin Park; $25 to the 80-20 Initiative of Belle Mead; $10 to the Mercer Junior Rowing Club; $30 to the Greater Mercer Chamber of Commerce; and $95 to the WW-P Education Foundation.

According to the ELEC filings by the Community Vision Team, the slate reported receipts of $20,"755, $11,"215 of which came from contributions of $300 or less, and $9,"450 from contributions in excess of $300.

Receipts include the $2,"000 from Hsueh as well as $2,"000 each from Geevers and Kleinman; $1,"000 from Patrick Boyle of West Windsor; $525 from Denise Schiera of West Windsor; $500 from the election fund of Councilman Charles Morgan; $500 from the election fund of Councilwoman Kristin Appelget; and $500 from John Hartman, Sr., of West Windsor.

Disbursements include $2,"592 to Super Star East Buffet of West Windsor for a campaign fund raiser; $1,"923 to Pequod Communications of West Windsor for campaign signs; $125 to Pequod for campaign fundraiser tickets; $10,"261 to Pequod for advertising; $958 to the Princeton packet for advertising; $1,"130 to the West Windsor-Plainsboro News for advertising; $229 to Kleinman as reimbursement for photo duplication and postage; $2,"531 to Fu Grand Lin of West Windsor for photo duplication and advertising; $116 to Wendy Lee of West Windsor for photo duplication; and $500 to Sunny Garden restaurant of West Windsor for election night food.

Miller reported total receipts and disbursements of $8,"050 each. A total of $450 of Miller receipts were from donations of $300 or less. Other receipts included $2,"600 from former township councilwoman Rae Roeder of West Windsor; and a $5,"000 loan by Miller to her campaign.

Miller’s disbursements include:

$4,"756 to herself as a partial loan reimbursement; $1,"300 to Borek’s campaign fund; $314 to Fotolux of West Windsor for a campaign photograph; $122 to the Princeton Junction post office for postage; $19 to Sovereign Bank for checkbook expenses; $609 to the Princeton Packet; $340 to the WW-P News; and $588 to the Trenton Times.

The two reports filed by Siegel (29-day pre-election and 11-day pre-election) show receipts of $2,"612, including $200 in donations of $300 or less. Other receipts included $2,"238 in in-kind contributions by Rae Roeder; a $100 loan by Siegel to his campaign; $273 in in-kind contributions by Siegel to his campaign, also listed as a loan.

Expenditures of $2,"366 were listed by Siegel, including $11.77 to Staples (no address listed) for office equipment; $2.67 to the Postal Service for postage; $8.34 to Photo Plus for photos; and $105 to Mercer County for voter lists. A $2,"238 in-kind expenditure is listed on the 11-day pre-election report, but the identity of the recipient is not identified.

Borek reported receipts of $7,"190, including $1,"200 in contributions of $300 or less. Other receipts included $1,"300 from the Miller for Mayor campaign; $600 in loans by the candidate to his campaign; a $1,"090 in-kind contribution for postage by Borek to his campaign; a refund of $19.35 for checkbook fees from Sovereign Bank of West Windsor; $1,"000 from the Profire PAC political action committee of Trenton; $1,"000 from Plumbers and Pipefitters Union Local No. 9 of Englishtown; and $1,"000 from International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Educational Committee in Washington, DC.

Expenditures reported by Borek totaled $4,"356, including $19.35 to Sovereign Bank for checkbook fees; $3,"265 to Trenton Printing.

Borek also reports outstanding obligations of $3,"590 to Trenton Printing on his 20-day report.