Janet Helin of Plainsboro participated in the CFIDS Association of America’s Lobby Day in Washington, D.C., on May 12 for International CFIDS Awareness Day. Helin met with state delegations to request an increase in the amount and quality of research dedicated to Chronic Fatigue & Immune Dysfunction Syndrome (CFIDS, also known as CFS). Helin has suffered from CFIDS for 13 years.

More than 800,"000 Americans have CFIDS, a complex and disabling immunological, neurological, and rheumatological illness. Symptoms range from debilitating fatigue with chronic muscle and joint pain, to severe cognitive dysfunction. Many people with CFIDS also suffer from Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, triggered or worsened by exposure to environmental toxins. CFIDS also causes chronic immune system overregulation and underregulation.

Although recent CDC studies document that CFIDS is as disabling as chronic pulmonary disease, osteoarthritis, and severe depression, it remains among the lowest-funded diseases by the federal government.

On May 12 Helin also launched a global campaign to end environmental illness, of which CFIDS is a part. She is also editor and publisher of a book on CFIDS written by Sharon Kirk. The book, “When I Cry Wolf: A Society Lost to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome & Mold” published by Crickett Books was published on May 12. The book, part life story and part call to action, has received endorsements from the medical, veterinary, legal and therapy communities. For more information, contact Helin at 609-275-1376 or janet.helin@jwrites.com, or visit www.jwrites.com.