‘Once Upon A Mattress,” the musical based on the fairy tale story of “The Princess and the Pea” will be performed at High School North through Sunday, March 13.##M:[more]##

Originally written as a one-act production by Mary Rodgers (daughter of Richard Rodgers) and Marshall Barer as part of an adult summer camp, the musical was expanded to full-length after it was so well received.

The story centers around Prince Dauntless, whose mother, Queen Aggravain, seeking to keep the boy to herself, has declared that he will wed only a true princess of royal blood. When Princess Winnifred arrives dripping wet (having swum the moat!) and declares herself a contender for the Prince’s hand, the Queen devises a clever test to determine whether this self-proclaimed princess is worthy of her son.

The cast include Bernie Balane and Daniel Martin as Minstrels; Amanda Thomas, Princess No. 12; Dylan Roth, Wizard; Kirsten Orloff, Lady Larken; Alessandra Ameen, Queen Aggravain; Dan Fishman, Prince Dauntless; Evan Wisser, King Sextimus; Cristina Gil, Jester; Seena Vali, Sir Studley; Michael Pfeiffer, Sir Luce; Aimee Tunnacliffe, Rowena, Lady-in-Waiting; Stephanie Brown, Merrill, Lady-in-Waiting; Jade Samuels, Lucille, Lady-in-Waiting; Katie Lacenere, Lady Mabelle; Matt Jacques, Sir Harry; Eden Casalino, Princess Winnifred; Kristen Roman, Ghost of Sliding Peter Jingle; and Mallika Jois as the Nightingale.

Knights and Ladies include Kristin Bitter, Konrad Johnson, Michael Pfeiffer, Julia Xu, Betsy Bourassa, Rashi Kabra, Danielle Quinn, Aileen Yan, Alisa Burns, Michael Kerzner, Jenny Reda, Susie Ye, James Burns, Hannah Kim, Kristen Roman, Melanie Zapantis, Paul Calotta, Asami Kondo, Kelsey Rothera, Laura Cook, Samantha Chapman, Yasuhiro Kusakawa, and Sarah Rutstein.

Also, Mallika Jois, Chancey Colon, Peter Lai, Nicole Salerno, Amanda Thomas, Olivia Corkedale, Andrew Lavadera, Ally Sandberg, Alyssa Forsell, Kelsey Long, Danielle Sleeper, Amanda Gaspari, Annie Lu, Andy Slemmon, Stephanie Gaspari, Tara Lyons, Elsa Stahura, Adelaide Haase, Jackie Marks, Sarah Tenenzapf, Alev Ildiz, Madeline Morrison, and Peter Weinmann.

Pit orchestra members include flute/piccolo, Rose Lin and Etryesse Dunn; oboe, Piya Radia; clarinet, Michelle Melzer; bass clarinet, Megan Hillsdon; horn, Serena Wang; trumpet, Jeffrey Hagan and Douglas Nosko; trombone, Dean Yatskowitz; percussion, Lauren Harrison, Laura McGregor, and Suzanne Haggerty; guitar, Christopher Kosar; violin, Usha Rao, Allison Hagan, Sonja Voleti, and Rebecca Lee; viola, Radhika Gharpure and Adeetee Bhide; cello, Matthew Orton and Anthony Kosar; bass, Robert Whipple; keyboard 1, Rebecca Gans; and keyboard 2, Elizabeth Lewis.

Production staff includes Alex Baczynskyj, technical director; Jeff Trepper, assistant technical director; Christine Roth, costumer; Susan Parker, stage manager; Jill Berman, production stage manager; and Meagan Quinlan, assistant stage manager. Scenic artists include Elyza Brillantes, Ali Cheser, Jaclyn Orloff, Rachel Schaeffer, and Billy Watkins.

Also, Randy Katz, light designer; Kevin Friis, sound engineer; Mike Cantor and JP Quigly, assistant sound engineers; David Behnke and Steve Mihalyi, master electricians; Trevor Nowak, master carpenter; Alyssa Forsell and Kristen Roman, student choreographers; Danielle Diangelo, photography; and Mary Lou Forsell, program book. The set crew includes TJ Blankenship, Lauren Hecht, Jimmy Ikeda, Justin Kaplan, and Sophia Lee.

The advisors include Robert Corriveau, director; Cherylanne Moffett, assistant director; Mary Jacobsen, vocal director; Sue Armellino, choreographer; Mark Bencivengo, conductor; Robert Corriveau, set and lighting design; and Judy Cinnamond, producer.

Once Upon a Mattress, High School North, 90 Grovers Mill Road, Plainsboro, 609-716-5100, ext. 5178. On Fridays, Saturdays, March 4, 5, 11, and 12, at 8 p.m. and on Sundays, March 6 and 13, at 3 p.m. $10. 8 p.m.