After 16 years on the job, Plainsboro Mayor Peter Cantu will retire from his position as executive director of Keep Middlesex Moving (KMM), effective January 1.##M:[more]##

Cantu, 64, was hired as the fledgling non-profit’s first executive director after he retired from a 30-year career at IBM in 1988. KMM is a transportation management association funded through the state Department of Transportation. The organization’s goal is to increase mobility, ease traffic congestion and improve the quality of life for people who live and work in Middlesex County.

“We’ve taken an organization, which started as essentially me and a part-time secretary, to today, where we have an office with eight full-time people,” says Cantu. “I’m proud to have assembled a very competent staff at KMM.”

“I have a busy schedule next year,” he adds. “Between that and a desire to have some more free time with my family, I felt it was the right time to leave KMM.”

Over the next year, Cantu is focused on making an impact on a state-wide level. Last month he was elected president of the New Jersey League of Municipalities at the organization’s annual conference in Atlantic City. “I enjoy working and I’ll be busy with the league. I’ll have a lot to occupy my time.”

Cantu also remains a member of the Plainsboro Township Committee and serves as the chairman of the Middlesex County Agriculture Development Board.

Although his three-year term on township committee ends next year, Cantu says he’s not talking about his political future right now.

“I enjoy what I’m doing here in Plainsboro and continue to enjoy making a contribution,” he says. “I haven’t made any decisions as to what I’m doing next year on Plainsboro’s front.”

Middlesex County Freeholder David Crabiel, a member of the KMM board, lauded Cantu. “Throughout his tenure at KMM, Peter Cantu has worked tirelessly in implementing and enhancing the development of transportation solutions that benefit commuters and residents. While the board is saddened by his departure, we are ever thankful for his terrific service and commitment to KMM and its staff.”

Roberta A. Karpinecz, currently program director, will take over as director after Cantu’s retirement.