The future home of the West Windsor Arts Council sported its first sculpture this week. The work was created as a community project during Autumn Arts Afternoon on November 14 at Nassau Park. “The event was very successful,” says Jeff Nathanson, acting executive director. “Close to 500 people attended.” The sculpture, a collaboration among children, teens, and adults, took about three hours to complete. ##M:[more]##

Constructed of aluminum cans and duct tape, the project was led by Montgomery artist Audrey Starkman. Representing a house with flowers and a tree, it was named “Home Sweet Home.”

“The piece is so big and wonderful. We had a truck available, so we brought it to the former Princeton Junction Fire House to be on display temporarily,” says Nathanson, adding that when it is removed, “we will do the ecological and correct thing and recycle all of the pieces,” says Nathanson.

For more information about the Arts Council call 609-919-1982.