West Windsor Council considered an ordinance on October 12 that would place restrictions on contributions by developers to candidates for political office in the township. ##M:[more]##

Last month, Mayor Hsueh submitted a measure to council that would supllement the “Pay-to-Play” ordinance passed by the township last year. Hsueh ordinance would disqualify developers from participating in any redevelopment of the area around the Princeton Junction Train Station if they have made campaign contributions to any township elected official, candidate for office, or local political party.

“This measure is aimed at preventing any developer from seeking to influence governing body decisions concerning redevelopment activities in the township by providing political contributions to our local public officials,” says Hsueh.

Michael Herbert, township attorney, said he would draft a new version of the ordinance that took into account comments by members of council during the October 12 meeting. The ordinance will again be considered at an upcoming council meeting.