Marguerite Girandola’s “Dragonfly” adorns the cover of the newly-released West Windsor-Plainsboro Regional School District 2004-2005 calendar handbook. She created the colorful artwork when she was a second grade student.

Student artwork chosen by their art teachers appears throughout the calendar pages. District art teachers include Arleen Allen, Dutch Neck; Lesley Bladel, Village; Sandy Bonasera, Diane Lufrano, and Amy Picco, Grover; Jean Burdick, Town Center; Tina Carr, Maurice Hawk; Melissa Coppola, Community; Jane Craven, Mary Frye, and Nathan Leventhal, High School South; Nancy Halter, Millstone River; Joyce Haut and Robert Vogt, High School North; Linda Oliver, Wicoff; and David Seraughetti, Community.

Artists for the 2004 calendar include (the grade listed is the student’s grade during the 2003-2004 school year) Felix Refsin, grade 2, Comet Fish; Ammu Mandalap, grade 4, Nature Close-Up; Susan Yue, grade 8, Linear Perspective Collage; Jessica Tan, grade 7, American the Beautiful; Piers Duffel, grade 10, Fishing; Elissa D’Abusco, grade 7, Impressionism; and Lauren Savage, grade 4, A Study of Winter Trees.

January through August artists include Jim Komianos, grade 7, Untitled Print; Jerry Feng, grade 3, Moroccan Design; Vineeta Muthuraj, grade 1, Cats; Jason Sheffield, grade 1, Monet Dreamscape; Thea Ma, grade 3, My Abstract; Jennifer Cardinate, grade 5, Miniature Landscape; Claude Richardson, grade 5, Underwater; and Dong-Yun Kim, grade 1, Fantasy Jungle.

The pull-out guide to district information features art by Lucy Davis, grade 4, Landscape; Rachel Costantino, grade 1, Mayan Bird; Vicky Chang, grade 7, Color; Catherine Wei, grade 8, Optical Illusion; Christana Park, grade 8, Optical Illusion; Jenna Ketchmark, grade 8, Optical Illusion; and Lisa Patti, grade 5, Pastel Pointillism.

The last three pages feature artwork by Jacqueline Tom, grade 2, Rain Forest Frog; Shelby Huang, grade 11, Layered Gouache Composition; and Dennis Zhao, grade 3, Dream Castle.