Tuning Into Your Own Intuition

Albert Einstein said that the only real valuable thing is intuition. Marcus Padulchick, a resident of Plainsboro and a practicing naturopath, life coach, and spiritual advisor for over 15 years, couldn’t agree more. ""Western culture traditionally values intellect over intuition,"" says Padulchick, who earned his doctorate in naturopathy from the Sussex Institute in England. ""We are all very intuitive, but most have of us simply have not chosen to use it.""

Paldulchick, with a practice in Plainsboro, as well as in the Tribeca section of Manhattan, defines intuition as a resource that provides a different source of information that does not originate from the logical side of the brain. He says that it can often provide valuable insight into oneself and the world, leading one towards opportunities and away from negative situations and influences and helping individuals gain a sense of calm and confidence. ""I recognized at a very early age that I was intuitive,"" he says.

In addition to holding intuition workshops and ""intuition circles,"" in which he teaches participants exercises designed to enhance their intuition, he is also the co-host of ""Naturally Speaking"" (with Michele B. Engoran), which airs Saturdays at 1 p.m. on WHWH 1350 AM. ""Our show is based on wellness of the body, mind, and spirit, and improving the quality of life,"" says Padulchick. ""We interview experts in the holistic community, offer discussion, and answer questions from listeners."" (Judith Orloff, bestselling author of ""Positive Energy"" and ""Inituitive Healing,"" who has appeared on CNN and the CBS Early Show, will be a guest later this fall.)

Padulchick offers workshops on such topics as ""Naturopathic Principles,"" ""Intuition for Healthcare Professionals,"" and an ""Introduction to Healing Herbs."" He also provides individual sessions for those ""looking for the path to wellness and lessening the stress in day-to-day life."" He is the author of ""Welcome to the Human Experience: Thousts fo Today,"" designed to help reades live more in the moment and find more contentment and joy in their lives.

Padulchick has been providing intuitive development training to groups and individuals since 1999. Many of his clients are healthcare workers who, says Padulchick, can find themselves in a particularly stressful environment on a daily basis. ""I do a lot of small business mentoring for members of the health community who are often short staffed and very busy,"" says Padulchick. ""People often tell me that a short session leaves them feeling as refreshed as if they took a two hour nap in the middle of the day.""

While some consider may consider looking for healthcare outside of the traditional medical doctor’s office as something that smacks of the occult, Padulchick says that is simply not the case. ""It is not occult or `New Age-y’ at all,"" he says. ""It is really the way that healthcare was before the healthcare industry came into being. Things were originally naturopathic, like folk medicine, then allopathic. Now they are swinging back to a better balance.""

-Jack Florek

""Naturally Speaking"" airs on WHWH 1350 AM each Saturday at 1 p.m. Upcoming show topics include Reiki and energy work on Saturday, August 28, and feng shui on Saturday, September 4. Intuition Circle, Monday, September 9, 7 to 9 p.m., $25.Call 609-750-7432 for information on workshops and individual sessions or Email at marcus@askmarcus.com. Information is also available at www.askmarcus.com.