It has become apparent that the leadership in this township is at the very least weak if not incompetent. The dismissal of Bettina Roed, a 17-year employee with an impeccable work record, as a cost saving measure is nothing but absurd.

The way I see it is that this body is not able to stand up to the powerful teachers and municipal employee unions, which they need in order to get elected, but the strong mayor and council take on one woman and they win. Congratulations, you should feel good about yourselves!

As a township that is always placing school children first, I would like to understand how you present to them the termination of a 17-year employee who has gone above and beyond. The message you convey to children is that hard work, dedication, and ethics do not mean a thing. You need to get with a big union, follow along like cattle, settle for mediocrity, and then you will never have done to you what Bettina Roed had done to her!

Does Council Vice President Diane Ciccone really believe a mayor who does not show up to four meetings is strong? To Counsel President Khanna, why would West Winsor enter into a contract with any organization where real dollar savings cannot be validated up front? Don’t you think East Windsor is going to have their animal control officer come to us on overtime?

Councilman Charles Morgan should actually know what he is voting for. Additionally, you do have to consult with the public; it is our tax dollars you are spending! This is still America! If you were running a company and dismissed an employee with Bettina Roed’s record you would not have much of a company as your employees would know you have no loyalty. Try running a business in today’s world without it.

In any organization, the leaders set the tone by their actions. Accepting a pay increase in fiscal 2011 and laying off even one person shows a lack of moral integrity. Additionally, with economic turmoil at your doorstep, this administration authorized in excess of $80,000 for tree replacement. Common sense would tell you to delay this and use the funds to save jobs.

Kevin Scanlon

West Windsor